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Your Insurance May Have Changed

As the official start of hurricane season looms, there are even more reasons to take a look at your home insurance and ensure the coverage meets your needs or those of your home. Based on the age of your home, policy terms may affect you significantly.

Depending on the last time you took a close look at your policy, you may not be aware that your roof coverage has been scaled back, for example. If it’s over a certain age and becomes damaged due to factors such as a storm, the policy may not cover the replacement costs. This means you may be forced to pay the portion your insurance company decides is not part of its responsibility. Do some research on the terms Actual Cash Value.

Speaking of older homes, insurers may have limits on what they’re willing to pay for damage considered to non-weather-related. This means that damage caused by factors such as a burst pipe or a loose dishwasher hose may not be covered.

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