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Your Homeowners Insurance May Not Cover Restorations


Homeowners insurance is there to help you in the event of major damage to your home, whether it’s a tree falling on the home, storm damage, or a faulty appliance setting fire to your property. For those that may be considering major restoration work on their home, homeowners insurance may not provide the support. Coverage will more than likely be determined by the repair or renovation being performed.

Home restorations are typically the ones that are intended to return a home to its former condition. Though this can potentially increase the value of the home, most insurance companies will not provide the funding for it nor will they for home renovations. In other words, these types of projects will require out of pocket expenses.

There may also be a situation where restorations need to be done immediately, such as if a fire suddenly breaks out and causes major damage. In this type of scenario, the insurer may cover the costs of restoration repairs up to the dollar amount stated in the policy. However, the provided funds may only be used for the purpose of restoring your home to its previous condition. There is a chance you will be required to shell out money for any additional updates.

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