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Your Dream Home May Be a Flood Risk

When purchasing a home, you want to have full disclosure about any issues it may have. That’s one of the reasons why it’s highly suggested to have a home inspection done. But what do you do in a situation where you find out the home is a major flood risk after you purchased it?

An article on the Tampa Bay Times tells the story of a Florida homeowner who bought a home without knowing its extensive flood history. When Hurricane Irma passed through Florida, flooding resulted in over $100,000 in damage the insurance company paid for. Shortly after, the homeowner was informed by her insurance company that it was the fourth time the home had suffered thousands of dollars of flood damage and it was being placed in a “severe repetitive loss” category.

The homeowner’s choices were to raise the elevation of the home, sell, or destroy the home and create something new.Florida is one of the few states where sellers are not required to reveal a home’s flooding history, despite being one of the states with a greater risk of flooding.

In disclosing floods, Floridians may wish to look into a voluntary Florida seller disclosure form provided by the Florida Realtors Association. A website called also provides useful information showing a property’s flood risk using information such as its elevation and FEMA flood zones.

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