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When Insurance Adjusters Pay a Visit

With so many adjusters attempting to reduce what the insurance company has to pay out, it’s understandable if the homeowner feels nervous when it’s time for one to pay a visit. While not all adjusters are bad, they have a job to do and it’s often though not always against the best interests of the homeowner.

If you’ve never had an adjuster visit, let’s provide an idea of what to expect. The adjuster can spend a few to several hours assessing the property, based on how severe the damage is. They should be as thorough as possible. The insurance company can claim that you caused the damage if you find something that the adjuster overlooked after they were done.

The adjuster must file a report at their office after finishing the analysis, which will be sent to the parent insurance company, reviewing the report for a few days before determining how much it will cost for supplies, services and repairs. In some cases, this may take weeks or possibly months.

In taking a proactive approach, you can potentially move things faster. Make notes of all the damage, including using photography. To keep the insurance company on its feet, check in every so often. In case the insurance company makes a costly mistake during your investigation, you may also want to employ an insurance attorney to defend yourself.

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