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When Hurricane Damage Claims Are Denied

shinglesA recent article in the Palm Beach Post reinforces the importance of having an attorney on your side when it comes to your insurance claim. A homeowner’s roof was damaged during Hurricane Irma, including shingles missing from various parts of the roof. The homeowner filed a claim with his insurance company, an adjuster was sent out, and ultimately, the claim was denied. The insurer saw damage but it claimed it only required minor repair work to fix. The homeowner subsequently sought the assistance of an attorney, believing the damage was more extensive. In fact, after consulting roofing contractors, he was informed it would cost around $20,000 to fix the roof.

After hiring a law firm, the homeowner’s roof damage was deemed to be substantial to the point where the entire roof would require replacement. The homeowner also learned that due to a Florida statute, the insurance company must cover the cost of matching any replaced shingles with materials that match adjoining portions of the roof.

Once the law firm became involved, the insurance changed its mind on the claim denial and agreed to pay for the roof repair. The insurer also took care of paying his attorney costs and fees.

You can read more about the case at the following link:

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