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What Your Insurance Policy May Not Cover

inspolicyWhen is the last time you sat down to thoroughly examine your homeowner’s insurance policy coverage? The average homeowner tends to be unaware of what the policy covers and what it doesn’t, and they sometimes end up finding it out the hard way. While your coverage may vary, there are a couple of items that the majority of policies may not cover.

Floods. With the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, homeowners should remember that flood insurance is often an entirely separate policy. Certain residential areas in Florida require having it, but it may be optional depending on where your home is located.

Termite infestations. These tiny critters are responsible for causing billions of dollars worth of damage each year. Standard policies do not require coverage for termites. If you think you may have an infestation, have a pest control company inspect your home as soon as possible.

Your money. If you happen to keep a lot of cash stored at home, make sure it’s in a safe place. Convincing your insurance company that you had hundreds of thousands of dollars stored somewhere in your home is much easier said than done.

Damage due to construction. Any home renovations you do are likely not covered under a standard policy if something goes wrong. Make sure you hire a contractor with a liability license.

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