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What You Should Know About Pursuing Legal Action Under NFIP Policies

What You Should Know About Pursuing Legal Action Under NFIP Policies
Earlier this month, a Florida federal district court made it clear that insureds pursuing a lawsuit under a standard flood insurance policy (SFIP) that was issued via the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are not entitled to receive attorneys’ fees based on Florida law or interest on their claim, nor are they entitled to a jury trial.
A pair (the Plaintiffs) filed suit against an insurance company, alleging insurance policy breach after the insurer refused to pay the entire insurance proceeds amount the pair were seeking for damage sustained to their property due to water.
The insurance company sought a partial dismissal, arguing, among other things, that because it was an insurer participating in NFIP as a write-your-own insurance company, the plaintiffs were, therefore, not entitled to a jury trial or recover the attorney fees.
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