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What Happens with an Insurance Settlement?

What happens if you run into a scenario where your insurance company is taking longer than it should issue your payment after a settlement? In one example, a case involving last resort insurer Citizens Property Insurance Company shed some light on this.

In the case, a homeowner filed suit against Citizens after the insurer allegedly failed to remedy a claim involving water damage. The insurer and the homeowner agreed to have the case amicably resolved with a monetary amount for purposes of resolving the dispute and avoiding going to trial. However, the situation escalated when the homeowner/Plaintiff argued that Citizens allegedly did not make a payment within twenty days of having reached the settlement.

According to Florida Statutes, “any case in which a person and an insurer have agreed in writing to the settlement of a claim, the insurer shall tender payment according to the terms of the agreement no later than 20 days after such settlement is reached.”

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