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Understanding Hurricane Categories

Hurricane season began last month and will continue through November. The season peak is usually from the middle of August to the end of October, per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Hurricanes are tropical cyclones with sustained winds of 74 miles per hour or more, making it a category one, according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

Although the lowest in magnitude is a category one storm, its dangerous winds can still wreak havoc on things like the roof, shingles, gutter, and more. Furthermore, a category one can also damage power lines, leaving homeowners without power for days while category two can mean weeks without electricity.

Category three storms and above are deemed major hurricanes. A category three is capable of devastating damage to homes while a category is even worse, resulting in catastrophic and causing power outages that can last for months instead of weeks.

The worst and strongest storm is a category five, capable of completely destroying homes and causing a complete failure and collapse of the roof. The areas affected by these storms can become uninhabitable in some cases.

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