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Tips for When the Storm Hits

We’ve talked a lot about the steps to take prior to the arrival of a hurricane, but what should you do if it does hit? Do you know how to protect yourself and your family during and after the major storm has passed? Let’s examine a few tips.

During a hurricane, you want to make sure to stay as far away from any windows as possible as the windows could shatter and cause dangerous debris to flay around. Should the power go out, resist the urge to use a candle as this may increase the risk of fire, stick to a flashlight instead. As for your appliances, make sure the refrigerator setting is as cold as possible and do not open it unless it is absolutely necessary so your food can stay preserved longer.

Is there severe flooding going on after the hurricane has passed? If possible, do not walk or drive. If the floodwater is moving rapidly, a mere six inches can cause your vehicle to drift away or even knock you down if you’re walking. Speaking of floodwater, keep a close eye out for any downed power lines before stepping in the water as it could be electrically charged.

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