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Three Financial Tips for the New Year

change-1-1563676-640x480Every day, credit counselors and bankruptcy lawyers meet with people that are struggling to make ends meet. Let’s take at some of their tips and advice to help you get a grip on your finances.

Take control of your expenses. If you throw away your receipts, start keeping them and make a record of where every single cent is going. Far too many people fail to understand where their hard earned money is going.

Stop waiting. If you’re falling behind on something like your mortgage, the earlier you decide to get help, the better your chances of having something worked out. Unfortunately, there probably isn’t much a bankruptcy lawyer or credit counselor can do for you if you’re many months behind on your payments.

Reach out to your creditors. Remember that your creditors prefer to receive some money instead of nothing at all. If you’re having financial problems, contact them and see if they’re willing to reduce your interest rate or what you pay every month. They may not advertise them, but many banks and credit card companies have hardship programs to help you out.

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