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There May Be a Right to Repair Clause in Your Policy

When you purchased your homeowner’s insurance policy, how closely did you examine the fine print? You may be oblivious to the presence of a “right to repair” clause which, unbeknownst to many homeowners, allows companies a large degree of control over your home.

Take for example a Palm Beach homeowner who was dealing with a faulty dishwasher leak. The insurance company had previously fixed the leak two years prior. When it came time to repair, the homeowner would have simply replaced the dishwasher with a new one, but because of the right to repair clause, the insurance company had the final word on how to go about repairing the leak.

Right to repair is fairly self-explanatory. It allows the insurance company to determine what damages exist, the parties responsible for taking care of the damages, and how the damages will ultimately be fixed. In most cases, the policyholder has no say in who or how those repairs are done. You can think of right to repair as being something similar to the managed repair program implemented by Citizens Property Insurance Corp.

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