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The Return of Expedited H1-B Visa Applications


There is some good news to report for foreign high-tech workers seeking a visa: federal immigration authorities are once again fast processing some visa requests according to a recent Miami Herald article, H-1B applications to be precise. These applications come with a guaranteed decision within a fifteen day period in exchange for a processing fee of more than $1,000. The expedited process is now in effect for applicants seeking employment at research organizations or American universities.

Back in March, the current administration had suspended the process of expediting H-1B processing, resulting in opposing views. The differing views were in regards to the H-1B law which is capped at 85,000 visas, all of which are awarded as part of a drawing on the first day of April. These visas are highly sought after by high-tech workers, including computer programmers. Because more than half of the applicants requested an expedited process, the government would have to check over 50,000 applications within a period of just two weeks. While getting rid of the expedited process allowed the government more time to review applications, the decision was also viewed as a possible H-1B crackdown.

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