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Do You Have Coverage for Flood Damage?

When Hurricane Michael caused significant damage to the Florida Panhandle last year, many homeowners received the unwelcome surprise that their insurance policy did not cover flood damage. To address this, a bill was introduced mandating that all new homeowners insurance policies must make it clear if they do not provide flood damage. The bill went…Continued

Bankruptcy Tips for Millennials

Filing for bankruptcy in your twenties can be painful and a bit intimidating. With the exorbitant costs of higher education and expensive housing, even millennials may have to consider a new beginning. Taking the right steps can help you towards building a positive financial future as you make better decisions. Hire the right attorney. Your…Continued

Apartment Hunting After Bankruptcy

Recovering from bankruptcy is a challenge, especially if you’re trying to find an apartment to rent. However, it’s not impossible. A little honesty and perseverance go a long way. Here a few tips. Be honest with your landlord. The majority of landlords will run a credit check on you, which will reveal that you filed…Continued

What Not to Do During Your Bankruptcy Filing

Rapper 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy last year after a Florida woman won a $7 million judgment against him in an attempt to wipe out the debt as well as other business losses. Despite allegedly having no money, the rapper was caught on social media posting pictures of himself near wads of cash, an action…Continued

What You Should Know About Post Bankruptcy

If you’ve been living in debt for numerous years, the feeling of finally being free of it after filing for bankruptcy can be incredibly liberating. You now have a clean slate to start rebuilding your life and start making better financial decisions as well as attain those things that once seemed out of your reach,…Continued

Possible Changes to Contract Language may Make it Easier to Sue your Bank

If you read the fine print on a contract you sign with a bank, a credit card company or even payday lenders, you may notice terms explicitly barring you from joining a class-action lawsuit against that company. If Federal regulators have their way, this contract language will soon be banned. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau…Continued

Dealing with Debt Collection

When you have debt, the last thing you want to do is answer your phone. The anxiety of knowing there is a potential bill collector on the other end asking for money that you may not have causes stress, and sometimes these collectors can become incredibly rude.  While the Federal Trade Commission has made efforts…Continued

Preparing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is time consuming and it involves a significant amount of paperwork, not to mention the emotional toll and stress involved.  For anyone filing for Chapter 7 for the first time, it’s important to know the right forms and necessary steps. Begin by doing an assessment of your finances and examining closely why…Continued

The Problem with Assignment of Benefits

Have you ever heard of “assignment of benefits”?  Private insurance companies are putting in requests to the state to approve two important policy revisions aimed at reducing losses from this practice.  Last month, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation gave Citizens Property Insurance Corporation the okay to limit costs involving emergency repairs after a loss…Continued