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condominium law

The Importance of Rule Enforcement

Let’s say you purchased a unit in a condominium when it was brand new. As with any other condominium, you likely received documents stating the rules and regulations imposed by the association which could restrict the level of customization you’re allowed to do such as restricting decorating or changing the landscaping around your front doors.…Continued

Do You Need to Have HO-6 Insurance?

A topic that may emerge during a condominium board/association meeting is insurance. If a board states that unit owners are not required to carry insurance, is that correct? If you were to examine Florida’s existing condominium laws, it does state that all owners must carry insurance for their units, doesn’t it? The Florida Condominium Act…Continued

Condo Associations Are Charging Excessive Fees

Per Florida law, a condominium association is not allowed to charge applicants any more than $100 when they are applying to purchase or rent a unit yet condo associations are doing just that: violating the law. When a person applies for a unit, the application fee—which is nonrefundable—is meant to cover the costs involved in…Continued