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Survey Shows Floridians Lack Hurricane and Insurance Knowledge


According to a press release published in Business Wire, the former Director of FEMA recently released an important message in a new survey aimed at Floridians. A greater activity during storm season is now considered the “new normal”, and Floridians should take the proper steps to ensure their insurance is up to date.

The survey showed that just over fifty percent of Floridians were not prepared for the damaging effects left by Hurricane Irma earlier this year. This unpreparedness includes a lack of protection for windows such as hurricane shutters, not having supplies like batteries, gasoline issues, and failure to have a proper evacuation plan.

To deal with the sobering reality, the National Hurricane Survival Initiative recently kicked off a campaign aimed at raising awareness, educating, and encouraging residents to take the initiative and prepare for a storm or hurricane. You can find more resources by visiting the website which includes useful information on learning more about things like GAP coverage.

An interesting find in the survey is the lack of knowledge on hurricane deductibles. The majority of respondents believed they knew what the amount of their deductible was, but many of them were, in fact, mistaken. The survey also showed many Floridians were not aware of what is and isn’t covered by their policy.

Hurricane season is over, but it’s still worth taking a close at your policy so you’ll be ready for hurricane season in 2018.

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