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Summer means two things – construction and hurricanes

It’s summertime, so we can expect two things: lots of construction, and lots of storms. Last year, Hurricane Irma rampaged through Miami and caused billions in damage. The construction from Irma is taking place almost everywhere. And with hurricane season on us again, we have to keep an eye out for more damaging hurricanes that would trigger even more construction.

Businesses are slowly reopening after Irma. Many of the businesses on the Keys opened quickly after Irma, but most of the Lower Keys are still closed. Thankfully, the Miami City Commission recently accepted 34 million dollars to restore areas that were destroyed by Hurricane Irma. The money will go to rebuilding areas that are still affected, such as Watson Island. Clearly, the construction this summer will be big.

Experts from Colorado State University say that this year’s hurricane season will also be pretty busy. The forecast says that there will be seven hurricanes, three of them at Category 3 or higher. Thankfully we won’t have a season as bad as last year’s, which had a record ten hurricanes. You can read more here:

This summer, expect lots of storms and construction.

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