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Storm on the Horizon? Maximize Your Smartphone Battery

The latest set of storms spared South Florida but in the event one does hit, it’s likely your phone will be integral in staying connected. As with any piece of electronics, it will rely on power. How can you optimize the use of the battery so it lasts as long as possible?

Use the power-saving mode. Whether you use an Android device or an iPhone, they all have a mode aimed at extending battery life by dialing down the brightness, disabling unneeded connections, or reducing the number of apps being used. Most modern phones also let you choose how much power saving you wish to do and will provide an estimate of how much longer the battery will last.

Reduce brightness. Keep in mind that your phone’s large, rich display is a major contributor in using up the battery. If you reduce the brightness a bit, the phone doesn’t have to work as hard and the battery is improved.

Have external power ready. Before needing a recharge, external batteries can charge your phone many times, just make sure that they are fully charged before the storm arrives. The ones with large batteries can cost a lot but they could be a lifesaver if you don’t have electricity.

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