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Start Your Debt Free Journey Without the Credit Cards

credit-card-ditchNow that 2017 is here, you have a blank canvas to start making better financial decisions and start building the foundations towards living debt free. One of the first steps you can take to begin this journey is to ditch your credit cards and keep them somewhere where you’re not tempted to use them unless it’s absolutely necessary, after they’ve been paid off of course. Just in case you need some reasons as to why this is a good idea, consider the following two reasons.

Credit cards are meant to keep you in debt. If you don’t have any credit card debt, the credit card company or bank will not receive any of the interest you’ve been paying off. Consider this: if you’re only making the minimum payment and still using the card, you’re literally going to be in debt forever.

The temptation is hard to resist. While it is important to keep a credit card around in case of an emergency where you can’t pay cash, it’s very easy to swipe when you happen to come across an item you really want but can’t afford, ultimately landing you deeper into debt. If you absolutely must use the card, try your best to get into the habit of paying the balance in full every month.

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