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Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders May Be in Trouble


Numerous people that are currently working legally in the country based on rules implemented during the Obama administration may find themselves out of work, whether they like it or not. The H-1B visa currently allows skilled workers to temporarily visit the United States. If they have applied for lawful permanent residence, their spouses are allowed to legally work under what’s called an H-4 employment authorization. These spouses are typically highly educated women with degrees.

The H-4 employment authorization document (EAD) was introduced in February of 2015 to allow skilled talent to stay in the country. The document also served as a way to allow spouses to work while waiting for their green cards, which can take several years to be granted.

A lawsuit filed by an organization of IT workers alleging they have lost their jobs to workers holding H-1B visas may jeopardize the employment status of many spouses. The lawsuit contends that the EAD is taking jobs from citizens, nor did the Department of Homeland Security have the authority to create a new employment visa category. Only Congress has the authority to allow H-4 spouses to work.

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