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Small Tornado Reinforces Coverage Importance

Living in South Florida, the last thing you would expect is to be dealing with a tornado, and yet that’s exactly what happened. Depending on where you live in South Florida, you may have received an emergency warning on your phone earlier this week. A severe thunderstorm resulted in the possibility of a tornado and indeed, a tornado did touch down.

Though it wasn’t a large tornado (the width was about 100 yards), it did makes its way into the western area of Hialeah on Sunday night. Despite the small size, the tornado still managed to wreak havoc, knocking down power lines, trees and even flipping a pair of vehicles along a half-mile path with its winds of 85 miles per hour.

Though the tornado didn’t cause damage on the scale of a hurricane, it serves as yet another warning. Even though there are still several months remaining before the official start of hurricane season, natural disasters can happen at any time during the year. Hence, it is vital that you make sure your insurance policy is up to date and provides enough coverage for your home. If you have coverage but your insurance company gives you a hard time in getting you the money to pay for damages, we may be able to help you.

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