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Simple Tips for a Sturdier Roof

As recently reinforced by Hurricane Isaias, Florida is frequently susceptible to tropical cyclones. Since hurricane season will stick around until the end of November, homeowners may wish to use this time to ensure that their roof is in good shape.

Whether your roof is freshly installed or if it has endured the effects of Mother Nature for years, there are ways to keep it in a good condition which doesn’t necessarily involve spending thousands on replacing it. For starters, examine and clean out the gutters at least twice a year or more. Get rid of any leaves as these may lead to clogging. Failing to clean gutters regularly may result in siding and wall damage.

Now that we mention leaves, a little bit of tree trimming can do a world of good for your home. In addition to keeping branches from causing damage and decreasing the accumulation of leaves, removing overhanging branches can also keep animals such as possums from getting inside the roof. These animals may chew on the roof or any wiring, causing damage.

Watch out for shingles that may have come loose or have been lost. Rather than climbing the roof and creating a safety hazard, consider using binoculars to spot any possible damage.

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