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Revamped Flood Map May Require Insurance

Is your home in a zone that doesn’t require flood insurance? If so, you may wish to pay attention. According to, the city of Miami is in the middle of revamping its flood hazard maps, and it’s asking for your help in doing it.

Joining forces with FEMA, Miami has already released a preliminary map of the city’s flood hazards. In order to better identify potential issues, it’s also reaching out to the community to assist with identifying these issues. Current floodplains may not properly reflect properties that should be in the floodplain, which could pose a risk. Hence, the city is making an effort to spread the word so that homeowners are better aware of their flood risk.

While the efforts to update the flood hazard maps with the public’s help may be well-intentioned, it does present an issue that could affect homeowners. Should their homes be located in a flood-prone zone under the revamped map, it will more than likely mean having to purchase flood insurance, a separate charge from homeowners insurance.

FEMA intends to hold a 90-day appeal so people can bring forth data that may display map errors. Miami city leaders suggest residents should use that timeframe to speak up.

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