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Protect Your Home from Storms of Any Size

It’s August and so far, South Florida has managed to dodge any major storms like a hurricane. However, smaller storms have been occurring on an almost daily basis, which means homes are still susceptible to damage albeit at a smaller degree. As a homeowner, would you know how to proceed if something were to happen?

Understand what’s covered and how much. Homeowners insurance policies contain lots of fine print which may seem laborious to read but will detail what coverage to expect. The policy may not cover wind damage, for example, and it probably won’t cover flooding. On that note, make sure to check the deductible, which typically is $500 or $1,000. However, in areas where there is a greater chance of a hurricane the wind deductible may be tied to a percentage of the value of a house.

Protect your home from lesser storms. You’ve likely seen images of a neighborhood where one home sustained extensive damage while the one next to it remained intact. Taking some time to examine the exterior of your home may help with mitigating damage. This means making sure there are no loose or dead tree limbs around, replacing or boarding up old windows, and installing tie-downs for the roof. Your insurance company may even give you credit for taking such steps.

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