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Protect Your Data from a Hurricane

In the event of a natural disaster it’s important to take care of yourself and all your personal data. Your own life is priority over anything else, then you should worry about all your data and anything you want to protect. Having all your information, photographs, and other documents ready will make your transition into your new living situation easier. In order to be prepared for any natural disasters, you need access to emergency planning websites, info about different disasters, lists for emergency supply kits, different ways to backup your data, and a contingency plan. However the first thing you should do is protect yourself. It doesn’t matter where you live or the type of disaster you may be facing; preparation is necessary and it may save your life.


There are resources online for planning for emergencies and disasters like which is a US government public service that provides information for situations like these. On the website you may find ways to make emergency kits, make emergency plans for your family, and more info of what to expect in hurricanes and other disasters. An emergency kit is one of the most important things to have ready and they usually include non-perishable food, batteries, medicine, water, clothes, flashlights, radios, and anything else that would help should you have to evacuate your home. In a emergency situation you may not have a lot of time to get all of the data that is most important to you. Here are a couple of things that you should save: family photos, music, and legal documents. One way to save your data is to upload it to cloud based services. Having your data in cloud based services is beneficial to you because if you lose your PC or if it gets broken, you may use any other device to retrieve all or at least the majority of it. Some of these services include Flickr, Dropbox, and Gmail. Flickr is used to back up photos and is a good place to return your lost images. Dropbox is good to backup important files and documents with sensitive information. Gmail is necessary because it has all your email correspondence, messages, and contacts that you use on a daily basis. For those of you that like to keep their information close to them, consider using external hard drives if you’re not comfortable uploading information to Dropbox or emailing it to yourself in Gmail. Last but not least, in a situation when you don’t have your data backed up, it may come down to removing your hard drive.


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