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Preparing Your Business for a Hurricane

With hurricane season having arrived, it is crucial to always be prepared. Securing your home for natural disasters is always at the top of one’s list. What about securing your business?

For most business owners, preparing their business for a hurricane means securing their location. Making sure your work space is fortified is necessary, but one should also secure websites and data along with their merchandise and any other business essentials.

During the panic of an approaching hurricane, it’s common to lose focus. Having a strategized emergency plan is crucial in order to minimize stress and confusion surrounding the natural disaster. Your plan should be supple to account for changes in assets, locations, and people, both employees and customers.

Backing up your data may happen automatically for some, but if this is not the case it’s important to make sure it is done. Make sure the data is not only backed up online but in an offsite server as well. Recovery service providers are also an option when it comes to backing up your data.

Make a note of personal belongings, equipment, and merchandise if possible. It is preferred to keep this list updated. Keeping images, purchase dates, values, and any other detail is very beneficial and it can allow your insurance company to replace your belongings.

Reviewing your contracts is also important in the event of a storm. It is important to figure out what your contractual obligations are with vendors, landlords and insurance providers.

Ensuring a communication system, apart from it being necessary and a possible life-saving plan is also favorable when preparing for a hurricane. Establishing communication allows you to keep in contact with employees if needed, and allows you to execute tasks remotely. If it is possible for you to work remotely, clearly define roles and responsibilities to your employees.

Your safety and the safety of your employees come first. In the event of a natural disaster if alerted ahead of time, it’s best to be prepared, even if you won’t be working remotely. Insuring your business to avoid damages and losses is a helpful tip to stay organized during a crisis.

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