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Preparing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

chapter7bankruptcyFiling for bankruptcy is time consuming and it involves a significant amount of paperwork, not to mention the emotional toll and stress involved.  For anyone filing for Chapter 7 for the first time, it’s important to know the right forms and necessary steps.

Begin by doing an assessment of your finances and examining closely why you’re filing and what the consequences are.  Are there other options available to you?  What changes can you make that will yield positive results within the next couple of months?  Also keep in mind that to be eligible to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy your income must be at or below the state’s median income.

When it’s time to file, there are several financial documents you’ll need to provide to your bankruptcy attorney, your creditors, and your bankruptcy court. The majority of these will detail your income, debts, and your property.  You should have a copy of your credit report, proof of income, recent pay stubs, and your most recent tax return, among other documents.

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