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Preparing Children for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is in full swing and while no storm is on the horizon for Florida, it’s still important that you know what to do in the event a hurricane does makes its way to South Florida. If you have children that have yet to experience a hurricane or the process involved in the preparation, there are a few ways to ease the process besides talking to them about it.

Get them involved. When you’re busy preparing for a hurricane, one easy way to help them cope and perhaps find it less scary is to include them in the preparation. That could mean allowing them to choose what (healthy) snacks they would like to eat or allowing them to assist with putting up shutters. The more involved they are, the more they may feel everything is under control.

Stick to a schedule. Despite the threat of a hurricane, try and stick to a routine as much as possible. A schedule may allow children to feel some sense of comfort and normalcy, which can help when there is a looming storm.

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