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Prepare Your Home for the Next Storm

Now that Hurricane Dorian has come and gone, it’s a good time to make preparations in case there is another storm looming in the tropics. Being prepared can make a world of difference when you’re scrambling to take care of any damage caused by a storm.

One thing you can start doing right now is making a video or photo inventory of your belonging in and outside of your phone, preferably with evidence of the date the photos were snapped. Use a spreadsheet to keep track of details such as when the item was purchased, how much it cost, the model number and any warranty information, especially for your major appliances. Use a cloud storage solution like Google Drive to back up the information or place any physical documentation in a weatherproof box. By being prepared, it will be much easier to request a cash or replacement value from your insurance company.

Following a storm, it is essential to extensively document your damage. As soon as you’re able to do so, take pictures or video of every square inch of your property, including the roof. Document any damage regardless of size. Resist the urge to dispose of any damaged property as this could be useful for the insurance company to inspect and it also serves as evidence of loss.

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