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Prepare Florida Provides Useful Storm Resources

Now that hurricane season is here, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer is looking to assist Floridians with taking the important and necessary steps to prepare their home as well as their finances should a disaster occur.

Appropriately dubbed Prepare Florida, the initiative includes a breadth of resources and information for homeowners regarding all things related to major storms. The website includes an emergency preparedness toolkit, a useful guide to natural disasters, and even information on issues such as the assignment of benefits, the process of flood insurance claims, and what to expect once a hurricane-related homeowners insurance claim has been filed.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting up to eight hurricanes may form this year, which is considered “near normal” after two years of storms that have caused significant destruction. Last year, the storms Florence and Michael managed to make landfall in the south, causing lots of damage which is still being fixed today.
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