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Watch out for Flood Damage

drowningHouseNumerous South Florida residents are probably asking themselves, “When will this weather end?” The ongoing downpours have made a mess of the roads and it’s even lead to flooding in some homes and businesses. Now that we’re officially in hurricane season, expect storms to be a frequent occurrence as the summer continues.

Flooding can be a major issue as well as a dangerous one. If you’re experiencing flooding or are at risk, it’s important to check for water damage, which may not always be readily visible. If you have carpet that’s gotten wet, it may be necessary to rip it out to dry the underfloor. You may also experience water damage on the walls if your roof isn’t properly sealed, which could result in dangerous mold growth.

Keep in mind that the majority of homeowners’ insurance policies do not have coverage for damage due to floods and you, therefore, may need to purchase flood insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program. For those insurers that do cover it, they may attempt to reimburse you for less than what you are rightfully owed under your policy coverage. Be aware of your rights and consult an insurance attorney if you feel it’s necessary.

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