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Heritage Seeks Insurance Rate Hikes

Heritage Property & Casualty is one of the largest insurance companies in the state of Florida. If you’re a homeowner with a Heritage policy or someone who intends to purchase one through the insurer, you may be in for a surprise. According to a recent Sun Sentinel article, the insurer intends to increase rates for existing and future policyholders this year.

The reason why Heritage is seeking double-digit rate increases is the same reason that’s been used by other insurance companies covering the state of Florida: assignment of benefits (AOB). AOB is when repair contractors convince policyholders to sign over the right to directly bill insurers for repairs made to their homes. In turn, contractors perform unnecessary work, submitting overpriced invoices to insurance companies.

Should Heritage’s rate increase requests be approved by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, thousands of homeowners will be affected, including the more than 90,000 customers that were once covered under the state-run Citizens Property & Casualty. These customers (which Heritage has dubbed “Select”) were assumed by Heritage as part of Florida’s “takeout” program. Their rates could increase by more than thirteen percent beginning on May 1. Heritage’s 60,000+ “Preferred” policyholders would also see their rates increase after July 1.

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