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Do You Have Sinkhole Insurance?


Sinkholes may not happen all that often in South Florida, but there is always a risk, especially during rainy seasons. Despite the risk of significant property damage, few homeowners actually have protection from sinkholes. Instead, homeowners choose to go with the insurance they’re often required to have, such as flood insurance.

So what’s stopping homeowners from investing in sinkhole insurance coverage? The cost may be an issue. As homeowner insurance rates skyrocket because of factors such as assignment of benefits abuse, the cost of sinkhole insurance may not be feasible for a family’s already tight budget. Depending on where a person lives, sinkhole insurance can cost thousands of dollars. On top of that, insurers have been allowed to deny sinkhole coverage or offer it as a separate charge from a basic homeowner’s policy since Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the law into legislation. Because of this law, homeowners may have a tougher time qualifying for a claim, potentially leaving them stranded with unrepairable damage due to a sinkhole.

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