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Beware of Insurance Scams

insFraudHurricane season doesn’t officially end until November 30th. This means consumer insurance scams won’t be ending anytime soon either. After Hurricane Irma’s damage, these scams have significantly ramped up.

Since Hurricane Irma, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has received over 700,000 insurance claims, resulting in billions of dollars worth of damage. To combat fraud, the state has launched a trio of strike teams to investigate any suspicious activity while educating homeowners and residents on what signs to look out for. One of these strike teams is doing its investigation right here in Miami-Dade County.

If your home was damaged during the hurricane, your insurance company should be notified. You should beware of people claiming to represent FEMA or asking for money to help with federal flood claims. These people may show up in person or they may call and ask you to dial a certain number to make an insurance payment so your policy doesn’t get canceled. Always verify the identity of the person you’re speaking to.

Also, watch out for repair companies or contractors that look suspicious. Verify their license and do not agree to any work done without understanding what you’re signing. If someone shows up saying he or she is your adjuster sent by your insurance and that your deductible will be waived if you pay $500 upfront, that’s a red flag.

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