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Addressing Your Damage After Matthew

gomatthewHurricane Matthew has come and gone and thankfully, its effects were not as devastating as previous hurricanes like Andrew or Wilma, at least in South Florida. If you did suffer some kind of damage to your home, there are some tips to keep in mind when dealing with the aftermath as you prepare to contact your homeowner’s insurance provider. These tips are worth keeping in mind in case of any future emergencies.

Standard homeowner policies cover windstorm damage for private homes as well as privately owned apartments. It is also covered under renters insurance for damage related to personal belongings. However, the deductibles may differ significantly depending on where you live. In Florida, the deductible could be as much as fifteen percent.

A standard homeowner policy will not cover flood insurance, and this is critical to keep in mind. You will need to obtain a separate flood insurance policy and depending on where you live, it may be required if the area is considered high risk.

Speaking of Hurricane Andrew, it left over $20 billion in damages in Florida, driving numerous companies entirely out of business or forcing them to up their rates to recoup losses. For anyone who may be concerned, the insurance industry currently has a surplus of more than $600 billion and there is also a guarantee fund designed to protect policyholders should their provider go bankrupt.

It’s imperative that you document the condition of your home prior to any loss. Insurance companies often allege defenses such as pre-existing conditions and wear and tear. Having documentation that shows the condition of your property prior to a loss is paramount.  Always remember to take adequate measure to ensure your property does not continue to sustain damages after a loss.

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