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New Rules for Visa Applicants Go into Effect Tomorrow


Tomorrow, a revised version of Donald Trump’s travel ban will go into effect after receiving strong criticism for the stringent criteria visa applicants must adhere to if they are coming from certain countries where Muslims are the majority. These countries are Yemen, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Iran, and Somalia.

New visa applicants from the aforementioned countries must be able to prove they have a personal relationship with someone already living in the United States such as a spouse, parent, or sibling in order to be allowed entry into the country. Applicants seeking to prove an entity relationship such as a business must be able to show “formal and documented evidence” of the entity relationship. The majority of the application criteria would also apply to refugees, but the refugee would not be able to use their relationship with a resettlement agency to prove their “bona fide” relationship.

Applicants that have already received visa approval don’t need to worry about their application revoked.

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