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New Hurricane Coverage Will Pay for More than Usual

Sometimes, hurricane insurance doesn’t cover everything you need. If something exceeds your deductible, or you don’t have flood insurance, then you may end up paying a lot. But a new insurance product has appeared that will cover what traditional hurricane policies don’t.

This new insurance product is called StormPeace, and it’s sold by a company called Assured Risk Cover. The coverage can be used for hurricane-related expenses like gas, spoiled food, flood damage, and generators. Homeowners can buy as much as their hurricane deductible is worth.

You can use StormPeace with your traditional homeowner’s insurance policy, as it’s intended for. Or, if you don’t have traditional insurance, then you can use StormPeace by itself. This will help out renters who want a form of hurricane insurance.

The amount of money from the payout depends on the severity of the storm and how close it passed to your home. StormPeace sends out an email after the storm passes, telling you how much you can claim.

Hopefully StormPeace will help people recover faster after hurricanes.

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