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New Florida Insurance Bills Will Soon Go into Effect

The month of July begins next week and there are several laws that will be going into effect, many of them related to insurance. Perhaps the most notable of these is HB 7065 which will focus on overhauling assignment of benefits (AOB).

Among the provisions expected in HB 7065, it will limit one-way attorney’s fees in AOB agreements. There are also provisions forbidding certain fees and modifying policy provisions concerning managed repairs in an assignment agreement. Furthermore, there are requirements for service providers to give an insurance company and the consumer prior written notice if a claim lawsuit will be filed.

Also going into effect on the 1st is HB 301, the insurance “omnibus” bill which will allow insurance companies to offer their policyholders discounts if they purchase auto and homeowners insurance via the same agent.

HB 617 focuses on flood insurance disclosure which makes changes to the circumstances under which an insurance company offering homeowners insurance policies is required to include a specified statement concerning flood insurance with policy documents when the policy is renewed or initially issued.

You can read more about these new bills at the following link:

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