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Mother Nature and Your Property Insurance Claim

When most people think of a meteorologist, they think of the people frequently seen on newscasts. These are the people that can tell you what kind of weather to expect and when this weather will occur. And then there are forensic meteorologists, which do everything a regular meteorologist does but they also have the experience to determine how various weather patterns may impact a crime scene, or in this case, damage to property.

You can think of a forensic meteorologist as something of a weather investigator. Should your home sustain damage due to the weather and there happen to be doubts regarding the claim, these individuals may be brought in. For example, if your home floods but there is uncertainty as to where the water came from. Another scenario: a branch from a tree damages your roof while you’re away but there are differing opinions as to whether or not it was caused by a storm.

A forensic meteorologist can assist greatly in reducing the odds of insurance fraud, which means policyholders can potentially look forward to rates that remain consistent or at least don’t increase more anytime soon.

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