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Most Florida Homeowners Aren’t Ready for a Storm

Now that June is here, hurricane season is officially “in session”. If yesterday’s nasty storms in South Florida were any indication, it’s that Mother Nature is not a force to be taken lightly. Thunder and lightning are one thing but coupled with strong winds, they can do some serious damage. Even with that in mind, a recent study shows that despite the many warnings, over half of Florida homeowners aren’t doing much about it. In fact, fewer than one in seven homeowners even have the right doors installed to deal with the threat of a coastal storm.

The study was done as a response of sorts to the National Weather Service’s Hurricane Preparedness Week. Less than fifteen percent of Florida residents have roof protection for their home while just over fifty percent haven’t taken any steps safety measures whatsoever. There is some good news, however. About one third of homeowners do have emergency supplies on hand in the event of a severe storm.

The damage a major storm or hurricane can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, not to mention the potential risk of losing items that may have some personal significance. Dealing with insurance companies is easier said than done and they may even try not to give you the money you are owed to make repairs. Now is the time to get serious about making sure your home is storm ready before the stores become full of homeowners waiting until the last minute.


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