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Money Saving Back to School Tips

78854017-1Many students in Miami-Dade County will be returning to school next week, if they haven’t already. As a parent, you know that back to school time means having to factor in clothing, materials, and possible extracurricular activities into your budget. This can be difficult if your budget is already tight to begin with, but there are a couple of steps you can take to make back to school less painful.

Go through your child’s clothing and see what clothes still fits them or what may need to be replaced. Do this step before you decide to go out shopping and when you do go out, stick solely to what’s needed. Thrift stores and consignment shops are a good alternative to paying full price and you’re bound to find something stylish that only shows minor signs of wear. If your child’s school uses uniforms, see if there is a uniform exchange or sale for used uniforms.

Just before the school year begins, many stores will discount their school supplies to try and reduce inventory. Take advantage of these sales and use coupons if and where possible to save even more. A dollar store is also a great option and you can also save by choosing basic items instead of fancy pencils.

Instead of purchasing new backpacks or lunchboxes, send your child to school with the ones from last year, at least until backpacks eventually go on clearance. You can save tons of money and still get your child that character they wanted by just being a little patient.

Any extracurricular your child may participate in may require paying a fee. Ask your child’s teacher if there are possible discounts and if all else fails, see if the enrollment fees can be paid in installments to ease the financial burden.

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