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Make Sure to Thoroughly Evaluate a Prospective Insurer

evaSeguroAs a state susceptible to the devastating effects of hurricanes, homeowners insurance can be highly expensive. If you’re considering insurance, it’s important to shop around and familiarize yourself with the insurance company before making a final decision.

You may wish to start by requesting a mitigation inspection which can help with knowing the condition of the roof and how old it is, finer details such as the size of the nails used to attach it, or whether the home has shutters, for example. A home that lacks wind mitigation features may result in paying much higher insurance premiums.

Perhaps most importantly, check to see whether the insurance company has received any complaints. It’s not unusual for an insurer to become less than friendly should a situation arise where you, as a homeowner, must file a claim. This is especially true if the home happens to be in a location where major disasters are common. Keeping in mind that insurance companies are not your friends, it’s imperative to know whose hands you’ll be placing your home in while having the peace of mind they will take care of you. After you’ve narrowed down your insurance provider, make sure you thoroughly read your policy to know your rights and what’s covered in the event something happens.

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