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Lesser-Known Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Barry spared Florida, but there are still months remaining before hurricane season is over. With the unpredictability of Mother Nature, it’s important to be prepared in more ways than having canned goods, plenty of water, candles, and batteries.

Have cash. With the rise of NFC and chips on debit cards, many people have chosen to forgo cash in favor of alternative payment means. After a hurricane, it can take days or even weeks to restore power if the damage was extensive. This means you probably won’t be able to use an ATM to take out cash, so it’s always good to have some available.

Document everything and keep it safe. Make sure you have recent pictures of all of your possessions, from your television to any pricey art or computers. Should a storm cause damage to your home and ruin your electronics, having pictures will make it easier to potentially have the items replaced by your insurance company. On that note, important documents such as the title of your home should be kept in a weatherproof container.

Consider the second floor. While there is always the risk of leaky roofs following a storm, use the second floor (if you live in a two-story home) to reduce the chances of important items becoming damaged due to water that may enter the first floor of your home and cause flooding.

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