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Learn More About the “Startup” Visa Rule


Unless the Trump administration decides otherwise, foreign entrepreneurs will soon have another method of fulfilling the American dream. The International Entrepreneur Rule allows these entrepreneurs a certain amount of time to remain within the United States to build a company they recently launched. The rule was approved towards the end of President Barack Obama’s time in office and will go into effect on July 17th.

The International Entrepreneur Rule was created to allow the government more authority in granting parole to foreigners. In this context, “parole” refers to an individual who is legally allowed to remain within the country for a certain period of time, but was not formally admitted. To qualify, the foreigner must be able to provide proof that he or she will help in creating jobs or economic growth. He or she must also show that investor has contributed a minimum of $250,000 into the company. Foreigners may remain in the United States for thirty months and could have it extended for an additional thirty months. However, during this time he or she may not apply for a green card. The parole status can also be rescinded at any moment.

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