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Know What to Do During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season starts in less than two months, which highlights the value of knowing what to do should a hurricane decide to target South Florida. Instead of discussing what steps homeowners should take, let’s discuss those that they shouldn’t take.

Refrain from waiting. When a big storm causes damage to several properties, insurance companies may expect to be swamped with claims. The more time taken to make a claim, the longer it takes for an adjuster to reach out, inspect the damage and fix your house. In certain situations, this can extend for months.

Make sure a thorough examination is done. It is not unusual for an adjuster to visit and only perform a short, shallow home examination. The person may also deliberately refuse to scrutinize the damage extensively, such as going to the roof to check for problems. Make sure that the adjuster checks everything and make a note of what has been missed if they don’t.

If you believe it isn’t justified, don’t support an initial calculation. Homeowners falsely assume they have to accept an offer from an insurance provider. While not necessarily valid, insurers seek to close as many claims as possible within the shortest period of time, which could undervalue the valid cost of repairs. And, if you don’t believe it’s appropriate, contest the estimate.

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