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Items in Your Home Worth Insuring

If you’ve recently purchased or intend to purchase a home, you’ve likely heard about the importance of also buying a homeowners’ insurance policy. With South Florida’s propensity for storms and floods, it serves as a way to protect your home and belongings.

A type of insurance you may not be quite as familiar with is contents insurance which, as its name suggests, can offer coverage for pricey items you may own that could become damaged due to reasons like a storm, theft, or a fire. This insurance may or may not be included with a homeowners’ policy, so make sure you carefully understand your coverage.

There are certain items that you should prioritize when it comes to insuring them, beginning with your furniture. Chances are these are among your highest valued items. Hence, you want to make sure they’re protected. Go to each room and carefully jot down details of each item as well as how much you bought it for should you happen to remember.

Electronics are another major category to insure. Televisions, computers, laptops, even video game consoles are worth it. Entertainment, your jewelry, any antiques, even clothing and kitchenware should be considered.

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