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Insurers Are Restricting New Business and Renewals

propInsuranceSome Florida homeowners are finding themselves in quite the predicament: a lack of property insurance companies refusing to take on new business in South Florida ZIP codes with high claims rates. In some cases, these insurance companies are going as far as canceling or choosing not to renew policies in areas considered high risk. Increasing numbers of water damage claims in South Florida are a major reason behind the decisions and they represent the same reason why many customers have had to pay higher premiums.

Recent data provided by the state Office of Insurance Regulation has yet to demonstrate the full effects of insurance companies’ efforts to defend themselves against so-called “bad actors” who use state law and the courts to obtain inflated settlements from the not-for-profit, government-run Citizens Property Insurance Corp. and other companies. The data does show that a few large insurance companies are writing less policies in the tri-county region, and some have moved to boost cancellations and non-renewals of South Florida policies.

Should the trends continue, many homeowners may be forced to return to Citizens which has developed a reputation as being something of a last resort.

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