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Insure Companies May Be Requiring Roof Replacements

Heads up, Florida homeowners. According to a News Channel 8 article, over in Tampa Bay, some homeowners are receiving letters from their insurance company informing them that they must replace their roof or they will lose coverage. Some homeowners with roofs around twelve to thirteen years old that are still in good shape are also receiving notices from the insurance companies demanding the roofs be replaced.

The letters are causing panic among homeowners, especially that may not have the financial means to replace their roof, particularly during the middle of a pandemic. Per the article, homeowners suggest that the insurance company should at least visit the home to determine whether the roof does indeed need replacement.

To potentially make matters worse, a pair of Tampa Bay State Senators are spearheading legislation that would permit insurance providers to provide policies that adjust roof payments to the real cash value if the roof is more than a decade old.

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