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Insurance Scam May Turn You into a Major Risk

Here is a scenario that may seem quite familiar if you live in South Florida or if you’ve been reading our blog for some time. You’re at home when a stranger knocks on the door introducing themselves as a repairman or someone well-versed in insurance, eager to help you repair the damage to your home. They tell you your insurance company will foot the bill and there will be no cost to you.

If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. It’s a scam that is driving up insurance premiums even for homeowners that have never once filed a claim.

Once you’ve agreed to receive the assistance, the visitor may handily provide their electronic device and request your signature, stating it’s a necessity to hire them. Chances are you may not read the fine print, and what you’ve essentially done is hired a lawyer versus a legitimate repair company or an adjuster.

That document you just signed may also result in you involuntarily becoming the plaintiff in an insurance lawsuit against your provider. The claim and the lawsuit may flag you as a risk, which means that should you ever decide to purchase insurance, insurers will be hesitant to write you a policy or they may tack on extra hefty premiums.

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