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Hurricanes Move Slower Now, and That’s Bad.

Now that we’re in the outset of hurricane season, it is definitely worth noting a worrisome development in how storms travel. The pace at which they typically move is slowing to about ten percent, which creates more powerful and possibly deadly storms. Hurricane Harvey, which stalled over Texas last year, may not be an anomaly anymore.

The reason for such a slowdown may have something to do with changes to the winds that determine the speed and direction of hurricanes. Climate change is also a factor in that the oceans now have warmer waters that only intensify the storms. “The slower a storm goes, the more rain it is going to dump in any particular area” said James Kossin, a climate scientist from NOAA. Harvey was by far the wettest storm ever recorded with about fifty inches of rain, which decimated nearly 200,000 homes and businesses. With that in mind, it’s worth checking to make sure your homr is ready for hurricane season. A major storm can cause leaks in your roof, potentially damaging your property.

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